Young Woman from Portland Loses 208 Pounds In One Year. You Will Be Shocked By Her Transformation.


Celebrating a victorious day, Kaitlyn Smith  celebrates losing 208 pounds in 15 months. After years of being bullied and suffering from social humiliation, 20-year-old Kaitlyn made a choice to lose weight. No longer did she want people laughing at her as she walked down a street or continue to suffer from depression.

Kaitlyn had thought about bypass surgery, but her consulting doctor’s attitude was very rude. After his consultation, she decided this would be a voyage she’d complete on her own. She was ready to meet the challenge knowing it would take determination, hard work, sweat, and a completely altered lifestyle.

Kaitlyn’s biggest challenge was her own bullying. Constantly she spoke to herself negatively and self-criticized herself. She knew she had to get past this negative approach and realize that she was worth more. The beginning of a six-day exercise routine and the help of an encouraging coach, Kaitlyn began to see herself more positively.

This positive change and aid from the weight loss coach led Kaitlyn to drop half her body weight. Fifteen months later and 208 pounds lighter, she finally looked in the mirror with a smile. Kaitlyn was proud of her transformation, but her journey wasn’t over.

The loss of all that weight caused Kaitlyn to have an abundance of excess skin. Hanging, excess skin can cause a lot of serious health conditions such as joint pain, mental distress, infection, and tearing. She now faced having to receive cosmetic surgery to remove the skin.

Short of the money a surgery would cost, Kaitlyn opened a GoFundMe page to help her cover the medical expenses of cosmetic surgery. To her incredible surprise, Dr. Michael Salzhauer heard about Kaitlyn’s amazing weight loss efforts and performed the surgery for free. It would take three surgeries to remove her excess skin, but Kaitlyn now feels and looks like an entirely different person.

Kaitlyn now describes herself as an outgoing, smiley, and happy person who loves life and herself. She considers herself blessed to no longer be that depressed teenager who was always envious, bitter, and sad. She doesn’t find her success to having made her prettier; she is just happy to be living life to the fullest.

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