Video Tutorial: How To Master The ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look


While makeup is nothing to be ashamed of, some people feel uncomfortable wearing makeup because of the way that they feel people may perceive them,while others are just more interested in experimenting with makeup, without the intense drama of a more aggressive application. Youtube makeup Guru explains how she achieves a beautiful natural makeup look, and how to effectively use products that will leave you looking and feeling beautiful while also giving you an all natural and seemingly undetectable makeup glow.

One of the most important things to remember when trying to achieve a natural makeup look, is that flaws are your friend. Packing on foundation and concealer in an attempt to hide every single blemish and wrinkle is a dead giveaway when trying to pull off a makeup free look. Simply going over your face with a light foundation and leaving a few problem areas untouched will give your makeup free look an even more realistic appearance.

In this video you will learn just how easy it is to make your eyes and lashes pop, without over exaggerating with extreme eye liners and mascara. The trick is to define features without looking like you are doing anything at all. Dabbing a pale blush sparingly on your cheeks is another perfect way to get a classy toned down makeup look, while not going too far.

This tutorial is amazing, what tips most helped you? Does natural looking makeup seem like something you would enjoy or are you more edgy? Try this look with your friends or try them on your next girl’s night. SHARE this video now and tell us how you like the results of this gorgeous natural look!