The Weirdest but Easiest Way to Fix Your Broken Nail For Almost A Zero Cost!


Nail breaking has been a significant problem for most of us who love looking glamorous. Having a broken nail gives you a headache as you may opt to cut off your nail or take inconvenient journeys to the saloon. Visits to the saloon are expensive and time wasting. However, there is an excellent way to handle incidences of a nasty tear at the edge of your nail.

You can quickly and conveniently fix broken nails with instruments that are around your house. Let’s call this the “Tea bag technique”. You will need a pair of scissors, teabag, nail glue, yellow buffer, tweezers and a nail file. These are readily available equipment around the house. In addition, they give you an easy time and less frustration fixing your broken nail.

You will have to perform the following illustrated tricks, and your nail will be back to perfect. First, you need to empty the tea in the teabag and tear off a small part of the tea bag that is enough to cover the broken part of the nail.

Step 1 Fix Broken Nail

Secondly, buffer the nail to make it smooth for glue application.

Thirdly, apply glue on the flat, broken surface of the nail and then use the tweezers to place the piece of teabag on the nail. You need to allow the tea bag to dry for about a minute and then add some glue. Then after the glue has dried, file off any excess fabric and buffer the area to make it smooth.

Step 2 Fix Broken Nail

Lastly, apply polish on the area and finish the procedure with a second coat on the nail.

Step 3 Fix Broken Nail

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Images source: Julia Graf