Men Will Leave the Women They Love For These 5 Reasons


When a man falls in love with a woman, it is usually in small steps. Men are not as likely as women to dive head first into a relationship or open themselves up as quickly. They will second-guess what the ups and downs of the relationship might bring and think about any possible suffering that could arise with the woman.

Men are not born with a natural understanding of how women work or the ability to display their emotions as easily. When a man leaves his woman without any reason and leaves her feeling shocked and confused; it may be due to one of these reasons.

1. He Felt Threatened

The University of Florida did a study on men comparing their success to that of their partners. If a woman was successful, it negatively impacted her man and how he viewed their relationship. When the man does not achieve the success he feels he deserves it is a pivotal reason for him to leave her.

2. Shortage of Intimacy

Men crave intimacy just as much as women. Women are notorious though for holding intimacy over a guy’s head to get them to do things. Men will not stand by too long with a lady who does not participate in encounters, and he may leave the relationship if he feels intimacy is being withheld too often. He needs to feel that he is the most attractive person in their life and will leave to seek that connection with someone else.

3. Too Dependent

A man needs his space and doesn’t want to feel as though he is a possession. He needs time with his friends and doesn’t want to feel as though he is a babysitter. In order to have a healthy relationship, both partners need to have their own set of friends and hobbies. A woman who is too dependent will drive him away to seek freedom.

4. Tried to Fix Him

A man is going to find a way out when he begins to feel he’s not enough. When a woman starts to fix him and making him feel he cannot be himself, he’ll start looking for a way out of the relationship.

5. The Woman Nags Too Much

Even though men have found it easy to tune out a woman’s voice when they choose, it can take a toll on a relationship if the woman belittles and nags him too much. Men need to feel appreciated and will not tolerate constant nagging and whining.

This information on how men feel is suitable for both males and females. Share this if you have friends suffering in their relationship.