Everyone Says He’s The Absolute Worst Dad… Until They Know The Hilarious Truth


Social media and Photoshop have created some of the most exciting creations for us to share. Photos from Andreas Miezans in Norway of interactions between himself and his young son, Oscar, have people around the globe gasping, giggling, and downright laughing.

Dad and son engage in are everyday outings enjoyed between family members, but the photo spins placed on them are anything but ordinary. Andreas’s sense of humor are displayed in each of these incredibly funny images. Originally from Sweden, Andreas and his family now live in Norway.

The project with these hilarious photos began when Andreas wanted to find a way to bond with his son. It became incredibly fun, so he continued taking and playing with the pictures and just got crazier.

Andreas had thought of a project much like this one long before Oscar was born. Photography is something he has always enjoyed, and he wanted to create pictures people could look back on and get a good laugh. He also wanted to share photos of Oscar with his family back home.

Twice each week while Andreas and Oscar are spending quality time together, Andreas takes out his camera. He wants to create more than just the traditional pictures of babies for his family. The idea was to create photos that would surely put a smile on their face.

Andreas has added four additional weeks to the ten weeks given to parents in Norway for paternity leave. His photos are evidence of how much he and Oscar are enjoying their time together.

Everyone needs a little humor in their day. Share these photos of Oscar and Andreas with your friends and spread the laughter.