Defying Assumptions Their Marriage Couldn’t Last, Couple with Down Syndrome Celebrate 22nd Wedding Anniversary


It isn’t unusual for a man to ask the mother of the woman he loves for her hand in marriage. It is unique; however, when he proposes to his bride-to-be with a toy ring he’d gotten from a vending machine. This proposal is how the incredible marriage of Tommy and Maryanne’s began.

Maryanne accepted Tommy’s proposal and immediately took him to a jewelry shop to buy a real engagement ring. The story of Tommy and Maryanne is even more unique than just proposing with a vending machine ring. This couple is said to be the first married couple with Down Syndrome in the UK. They have defied the assumptions their marriage couldn’t work as they celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary.

Their wedding fulfilled Maryanne’s dream of getting married in a big white wedding dress. After 18 months of dating, the couple exchanged their vows at a church in Essex. Maryanne is now 45-years-old, and Tommy is 59, and this couple couldn’t be happier.

They report there are seldom any arguments and Maryanne says she loves her husband very much and considers him her best friend. This incredible couple is proving to the world that those with Down Syndrome can live happy, long lives with the people they love.

In 2015, Tommy and Maryanne renewed their wedding vows to prove to all those who had no faith in their success that they were wrong. They are a real inspiration to us all.

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