A strong woman should never consider apologizing for these 7 things


There is a time for forgiveness and a time to show strength. One can display a sign of weakness if apologizing too often or show a positive character trait if done when a mistake is made. Apologies can become habit-forming when given too often leaving one feeling as if they never really did anything wrong. A strong woman will know when an apology is needed; however, there are seven things she should never consider apologizing for.

1. Making Their Own Choices

Women today are making choices that are right for them but still worry they might be judged on those decisions. Women who choose to focus on their family over a career, or choose their career over the traditional family should not apologize if it’s right for them.

2. Not Deferring to Anyone Else About Plans

In the 70s, women often felt they had to ask permission about decisions they’d made. Today, a woman is her own person and makes her own career, education, health, and other major decisions on her own. A strong woman should not apologize to anyone for those choices.

3. Saying What’s on Her Mind

Strong women communicate with their words effectively. They should never apologize for expressing themselves through their unique language style even if it sometimes offends others.

4. Putting Herself First

A person cannot be strong for others unless they are first the best of themselves. Strong women put themselves first to become healthy, mentally strong, and financially secure and not apologize for reaching their own potential before helping others.

5. Using ‘No’ Liberally

The word ‘no’ is powerful, and a strong woman will not apologize when she feels it necessary to use. For example; when a strong woman is invited to an event she cannot attend, she doesn’t have to apologize. Many feel it necessary to say they are sorry if they have to skip an event. A strong woman will not overextend herself as she allows her energy to be used for priorities to herself, and doesn’t have to apologize for those decisions.

6. Expressing Her Unique Thoughts

Women have their own unique thoughts and opinions, and if different than others, should not apologize for them. Beliefs among individuals will be different, but do not require an apology. Women throughout history are being recognized for their strong opinions that have made the world a better place.

7. Knowing She is Capable of More

A strong woman knows what she is capable of accomplishing. She will expect herself to achieve these accomplishments and will also expect the same of others. A strong woman will not apologize for wanting to change things to better herself.

Gender discrimination still exists in the workplace. Women, even those who consider themselves strong, suffer from psychological and economic burdens that men do not. While it may not be easy to be a woman, there are still expectations that can be filled. The times ahead will be incredibly exciting for the strong women of today.

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